Have you ever thought about… equality for other relationships?

In conversations about “marriage equality”, we are told that changing the legal definition of marriage will not lead to expanding the definition to other types of relationships. But it will! If the Government recognises a relationship in law, simply because the relationship is based on love, there is no logical reason why other types of relationships should be excluded from the Marriage Act (1961).


Fact Sheet – Other Relationships

Key Points:

  • Marriage is about love… but so are other types of relationships. Love on its own is not why the Government should recognise a relationship as a “marriage.”
  • Any principle that would justify the legal recognition of same‐sex relationships would also justify the legal recognition of polyamorous and non‐sexual relationships.
  • This is not fear mongering, this is already happening in jurisdictions that have changed their local marriage laws to include same-sex couples.
  • Recognising any type of loving relationship as a “marriage” goes against the reason we have the Marriage Act in the first place.

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