Have you ever thought… many believe marriage equals one man & one woman?

We hear all the time that there is overwhelming support for “marriage equality” in Australia. We hear that Australia is “lagging behind” the rest of the world, particularly the English speaking world. But is this accurate? Let’s look at the statistics!


Fact Sheet – Statistics

Key Points:

  • Less than half of Australians surveyed in the Australian Marriage Equality survey “strongly support” the redefinition of marriage.
  • Only 28% of those who support the redefinition of marriage consider it to be a “very important” issue.
  • When asking people whether they support the redefinition of marriage, questions about how strong their support is, and the level of importance they attach to it, shows us that the “overwhelming support” is not that overwhelming.
  • Marriage is too important to be decided by a show of hands.

Did you know that 172 out of the 193-member countries of the United Nations currently define marriage as being between one man and one woman? Australia’s current law accords with laws in the overwhelming majority of countries around the world.