Have you ever thought about… how much God loves you?

You may have come to this page because you experience same-sex attraction.

We want to reemphasise that God loves you! And we want to tell you that we love you! We want you to know that you are always welcome in the Catholic Church.

You may have come to this page because you have a friend or family member who has same-sex attraction – we want to reemphasise that God loves them!

Many people have interpreted the Catholic teachings on human sexuality to mean that there is no place in the Catholic Church for those who experience same-sex attraction. This is simply not true! The Church wants to encourage all people to have a personal and fruitful relationship with Christ; we want you to experience His love, His mercy and the peace that only He can bring you.

The Church wants you to be a part of the Body of Christ, which is the Church community. We also need saints of this millennium who have struggled with same-sex attraction but continued to say yes to love, purity and chastity.

Although the Church says no to same-sex marriage – it says YES to you! We want to encourage you in your spiritual journey, your prayer life and your walk with Jesus.

Here are a few great links for you if you are same-sex attracted or if you have a friend or family member who is same-sex attracted:

  • Father Mike Schmitz on same-sex attraction:

  • Yes to You Fr. Claude (Dusty) Burns aka Fr. Pontifex

Silence is Golden but there’s a time to speak,
And there are those shouting their views, but their arguments are weak
Let me get this out there and make it simple and plain
I never knew of anyone who found freedom from a hate speech in Jesus name
Reckless pastors, who judge, condemn and leave a soul to feel alone
Called to shepherd God’s people, not cast the first stone
And other leaders do no favors by cowardly choosing silence
They fail to speak the truth, and offer no guidance
A culture full of tension over the issue so where does that leave us?
Somewhere between awkward silence and gay bashing in the name of Jesus
And in the middle stands truth, a truth that can set us free
A God that calls us out of darkness to embrace our true identity
In a culture that glorifies sex and puts pleasure before all else
Is God the source of your identity or is it your sexual self?
And how do we identify and not accept a lie
Because sexual desire is just one piece of the pie
Identity is a choice a lifestyle is something you embrace
Same sex Attraction doesn’t define you and can be set in place.
A movement with semantics aimed to change and sway
There needs to be clarification when using the word gay
Does it mean one has attractions or that they choose to act them out?
Truth says there is a difference in the two that must be brought about
God loves you the way you are and the truth can set you free
There is a difference between unchosen sexual attraction and chosen identity
In marriage two become one flesh, open to life for propagation
Two of the same in union can’t reach this fulfillment of God’s creation
Nature or Nurture you didn’t choose this struggle
The Church understands and will walk with you in times of trouble
The same Church that says no when we fail to keep our sexual selves in check
Is the same Church that says no when others try to take your respect
You never are alone and the Church offers you a home as it stand for what is true.
Although the Church says no to gay marriage it still says Yes to you.

Fr. Claude (Dusty) Burns
Aka Pontifex

  • Desire of the Everlasting Hills

To play the documentary video you need to click on the link below:


  • The Third Way: Homosexuality and the Catholic Church. A 40-minute documentary focusing on the Catholic Church’s teachings regarding homosexuality.

You are not defined by who you are attracted to. You are not simply “gay” or a “lesbian.” Your sexuality is part, but not the totality, of who you are. You are a beloved child of God, a Son or Daughter of the Almighty One, you are unrepeatable, precious and of great value. God has a plan for you and your life.

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