Have you ever thought about… religious freedom?

In conversations about “marriage equality”, we are told religious freedom will be protected. But will it? There is good reason to believe that the legalisation of same-sex marriage will threaten religious freedom.


Fact Sheet – Religious Freedom

Key Points:

  • The Australian Human Rights Commission recognises religious freedom as a human right that must be protected in Australia.
  • International experience has shown that religious freedom has not been protected in jurisdictions where the definition of marriage has been changed to include same-sex couples.
  • The claim that it is possible for faith communities to continue to define religious marriage in whatever way they wish in a society that has changed the legal meaning of marriage is simply not true.
  • If certain voices and opinions are being silenced, it is a serious concern for all Australians and for future generations.

Sketch_BishopA1Download this example: Religious freedom in Australia(PDF)