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Have you ever thought about… equal rights for children?

In conversations about “marriage equality”, we are told that there is no difference between children raised by same-sex parents and opposite-sex parents. Is that accurate? Serveral studies have produced conflicting results on the impact of children, because they use entirely different criteria to measure what it means to “do well” as a child. Let’s break down what we do know…

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Key Points:

  • Studies which look at the wellbeing of children raised by same-sex couples often use subjective indicators of child wellbeing.
  • Many studies have been based on small numbers of self-selected participants, limiting their reliability.
  • We do not have sufficient data to definitively know the effects of same-sex parenting on children. But children are too important to be experimented with.
  • What we do know is that when children grow up without a mother or a father, their long-term wellbeing is harmed.

Let’s listen to what the (now adult) children of same-sex couples have to say:

Click here for an interview on Australia’s Lateline with Katy Faust on the impact of same-sex marriage on children. Katy Faust is one of the speakers in this video who was raised by lesbian parents.